The innovation focused mutual fund called "PHITRUST INNOVATION III"
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Who are we?

PhiTrust Impact Investors is a leading French asset management companies specializing in the management of venture capital funds dedicated exclusively to funding and support unlisted companies, developing innovative products or services for a social benefit or for an environmental goal.

Download sales brochures of our innovation focused mutual funds called "PhiTrust Innovation":

FCPI PhiTrust Innovation 1 (2012 - closed subscription)

FCPI PhiTrust Innovation II (2013 -  closed subscription)

FCPI PhiTrust Innovation III (2014 - opened subscription)


For several years, PhiTrust Active Investors has developed responsible investment strategies in listed and unlisted companies.
Through PhiTrust Partenaires has developed a recognized expertise in the analysis, funding and support of innovative socially, economically viable and generating a social and / or environmental measure.
The recent acceleration that makes the development of these businesses makes it necessary to seek additional support to help them implement their strategic objectives. Meanwhile, many investors receptive to finance "responsible" have expressed their desire to invest in the fund regulated, while the European Commission presented a draft regulation establishing the "European Social Entrepreneurship Fund" can operate in 27 countries of the European Union.
To meet these expectations, PhiTrust Active Investors has acquired a majority stake in the management company venture LC Capital specializes in financing and support of technologically innovative unlisted companies.
The experience of the company LC Capital complements and reinforces the knowledge of PhiTrust in funding and support social innovation and allows it to expand its range of products like risk mutual fund and innovation focused mutual fund.
As part of its integration within the group PhiTrust, the management company LC Capital has changed its name to "PhiTrust Impact Investors." Its mission is to develop and manage investment funds thematic high social and environmental impact.

Olivier de Guerre, Chairman of PhiTrust Impact Investors

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